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How to Avoid Night Eating

Six Ways to Seize Nighttime Eating

1. Make sure you are eating enough during the day.  At least 3 meals a day, plus healthy snacks between meals if you are going more than 3 hours without eating.

2. If you have a craving at night, eat something with protein, along with a healthy snack like kale chips, then wait 15 minutes.  Many times your craving will pass.  Having a treat after dinner maybe a reasonable option depending on what you are eating and the portion size.  Some of the healthiest deserts I often suggest are “Paleo” or “Raw Vegan” recipes or products.  Take a look at serving sizes and carbohydrates.  Remember, 15g of carbohydrates is considered one serving.

3. Know what type of eater you are.  Do you have better control of your eating if you stay away from a food completely, or if you know what quantity is allowed, you can stick with it.  Some individuals can’t control themselves once they start eating certain foods, while others are the total opposite and will never stick with something if they have to avoid it entirely.  Know if you need to get off of certain foods “cold turkey”, or if you feel better with the idea of “everything in moderation”.

4. Many times nighttime eating is associated with comfort eating.  Pamper yourself in other ways!  Take a relaxing bath with mineral salts, Braggs raw apple cider vinegar, and/or essential oils.  Get a massage, listen to relaxing music, light candles, go for a walk, or read a good book.

5. Many times nighttime eating is associated with emotional eating.  It is important to address your stress.  Read Unlearning Stress by James Rohr, listen to self help pod casts, or watch an inspirational or empowering video.  There is a pod cast specifically on overcoming overeating with “weight loss guru X Pete, and Zoe Harcombe.  Use this extra time at night to focus on you, instead of escaping!

6. Many people develop eating patterns around doing certain types of activities.  If you always eat when you watch television, you may want to watch less television.  Try and go to bed earlier, or eat dinner later.  Try substituting your trigger eating activity with one of the other activities suggested in this article, or come up with your own.