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Baby Benny’s Boo-Boo – Excerpt

Chapter One: In The Beginning

Baby Benny's Boo-BooThe tiny creation began to tremble as the sharp blast of cold air penetrated the tender, moist warmth surrounding him. A piercing primal scream filled the air and the infant’s face twisted into a grimace. This very first physical sensation for this new human being permeated all his senses as the new life began. The first sensation for all of us, the exact moment we’re born, is that of PAIN.

Life in the womb is sheltered and we are nurtured in a lovely, quiet place, lulled by endless comforting rhythms and undulations. The sight of tremulous sunset colors is resplendent in our mother’s womb, our safe home for many months. Occasionally we are conscious of pleasant sounds, and we turn our tiny heads toward the music or the calming voices and then we return to sleep – and grow stronger.

Birth is not a pleasant feeling for the baby entering this world.When the time comes for our entrance, we are submitted to a terrifying sequence of events. Our entire body is compressed to the point of near suffocation. Forces of creation push us downward and outward into a glaring environment. We burst into a fiercely dry environment in which our lungs strain to function. Our first human contact is that of being tightly wrapped in course cloth by a strong arm in a sterile surgical gown before being handed off for measurements and tests that make us scream even louder. The undulations become staccato and cacophonous. We are furious and we scream in horrible fear and pain. This is the pain that many of us remember, at a subliminal level for the remainder of our lives. It can create a behavior driving us to always seek to regain the nurturing comfort of the womb. No wonder we are, by nature, very afraid of pain.

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